The world's best drink bottle for dogs.

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Say goodbye water wastage!

Any un-used water can be easily recycled. Once your doggo has finished drinking, any remaining water can easily flow back into the bottle by pressing the large button again by tipping the bottle backward.

Totally leak proof!

For you're piece of mind. This feature allows you to leave your bottle unattended in your handbag or the back seat of the car without having to worry about leakage. All thanks to our unique valve design.

One size fits all!

Our unique cup design has been engineered to accommodate multiple tongue sizes. Bichon to St Bernard? - Our bottle can hydrate them all.

A quick demo :D


Hi, I'm Harry. From New Zealand. And the young Founder of the "Thirsty Dog Bottle Company”. During 2017, in class not doing any of the work I was meant to be doing, I was instead designing websites, apps and coming up with new business plans. Learning how to do these things by reading and youtube, all just for fun [Read More]...