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Original Thirsty Dog Bottle

Original Thirsty Dog Bottle

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The Original Thirsty Dog Bottle is worlds best reusable drink bottle designed for your dog. With its capacity to hold 550ml of refreshing freshwater, you can now effortlessly hydrate dogs of all sizes while on the go. Never have your pet drink from dirty puddles again!


The Thirsty Dog Bottle acts as both the water bowl and the water carrier for whenever you need it in a built-in easy to dispense container and cup. No more dog bowl and bottle — it’s now all in-one.


Re-use any water your dog doesn't drink — by pressing the large button and slowly tipping the bottle upward - allow’s the water to flow right back in for use next time freely.


Keeping your bottle inside a backpack, handbag or underneath the back seat of the car for long periods full of water is now possible. Every Thirsty Dog Bottle has a spring-loaded button and valve making it fully leak free. No more mess!


The cup is designed to accommodate multiple tongue sizes. Bichon or St Bernard? This BPA-free super bottle can hydrate just about all four legged fur babies.


Our Priority is keeping canines Worldwide healthy and hydrated. Our bottle is BPA-free, lead-free, and made with food-grade materials. We’ve cut no corners by manufacturing the world's best bottle for dogs.


Every Thirsty Dog Bottle is packaged with our stunning white craft-paper and cardboard box. Keeping them eco-friendly, and premium. Making them a great gift to yourself or for anyone.


- 550ML Water Capacity
- White Wrist Strap
- High Quality BPA Free Plastic
- Fully Leak Proof
- Ergonomic Feel
- Better Corrosion Protection
- Suitable for Small and Large Dogs


- Existing internal button screw replaced with stainless steel.
- Better manufacturing of internal components for increased longevity. 
- Stunning gloss finish on white box.


1. To train your dog to use the Thirsty Dog Bottle. Place a small treat in the cup to start.
2. Too filled with water, unscrew the cup anti-clockwise from the bottle.
3. Switch the small button right to display green to unlock the button.
4. Press the large button while gently tilting the bottle forward, allowing the gentle force of gravity to naturally fill the cup.
5. Minimize water wastage by pressing the large button again.
6. With a gradual tilt of the bottle upwards, ensuring you can use it again next time.


- Do not place the bottle in the dishwasher, cold hand wash bottle.
- Use a small amount of natural dish washing soap.
- Let your bottle air dry after cleaning and use. 
- Use water only.


- 260mm x 75mm


✔️  We ship from Wellington NZ
✔️  100% Kiwi owned and operated
✔️  Happy NZ & AUS Customers

✔️ 1 Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great buy

So useful on hot hot days. My dog loves it. Easy to carry. Love the recycling of water from the bowl. A must-have buy for summer.

Tracey Service
Dog owner staple

We have had our thirsty dog bottle for almost 4 years now. The only problem we have ever had is me forgetting it 😂
Great bottle, the dogs have no probs drinking from it too, which is great cause they are bulldogs. A staple for any dog owner

To the rescue!

Our pup was recently neutered and had to wear a cone/collar. It was hard for him to drink from his usual bowl. But Thirsty Dog Bottle came to the rescue! He was able to happily drink from it and stay hydrated

My White Thirsty Dog Bottle

Quality and unique bottle that my blue heeler just loves. Had mine for alittle over a year. Would recommend