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Kit with Damaged Box

Kit with Damaged Box

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Damaged Box items are new, genuine, authentic and 100% original. Sometimes the outer box gets damaged in transit and may have a small crease in the box which make them unsalable though-out our network of retailers. Damaged Box items always contain the same product which has never been used before. They are the best way to save.


Introducing The Hairy Dog Deluxe Grooming Kit - This kit holds a curated collection of exquisite eco-friendly handmade wooden grooming tools, arranged within a sleek and breathable bag, in beautiful packaging, making it the perfect gift choice for cat and dog owners, or for yourself. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pet owner, this kit equips you with all the essentials to keep your dog's or cat's appearance sleek, stylish and comfortable. 

Included in the kit:

1 x Hairy Multi-Brush - For brushing and enhancing shine
1 x Hairy Slicker Brush - Ideal for removing loose hair
1 x Hairy Shedding Rake - Effectively thins the undercoat
1 x Hairy Nail Scissors - Designed for precise nail and dew claw trimming
1 x Hairy Comb - An all-purpose grooming tool
1 x Hairy Nail Scissors - Designed for precise nail and dew claw trimming 
1 x Hairy Dog Bag - Storage and transportation

More information:

Slicker - Fine Durable Stainless Steel Needles
Brush - Stainless Steel Needles with Protective Ball Tips
Scissors - Exceptionally Sharp Stainless Steel
Rake - Exceptionally Sharp Stainless Steel Blade
Comb - Stainless Steel Needles
Bag - Breathable
Premium Beach and Walnut Wood
Eco Conscious Design
Ergonomic Feel and Control
Suitable for Small to Medium Sized Dogs and Cats
500 Grams
Bag - 220mm x 70mm x 180mm


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Customer Reviews

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Rachel Macdonald
4 Dogs Groomed in 30mins!

The cutty comb made short work of our dogs burrs. My daughter was able to use with ease (she is left handed & can’t use normal cutting tools)

The whole kit is great quality. So nice to get rid of our plastic crap!