During 2017, in class not doing any of the work I was meant to be doing, I was instead designing websites, apps and coming up with new business plans. Learning how to do these things by reading and youtube, all just for fun at the time, as I wanted to start my own business like Elon Musk or Peter Thiel. Who are big heroes of mine.

On the first day of going back to school in 2018, I was sitting in on the first lesson and deeply felt that this wasn't the right fit for me. So I then walked out of school for good and came up with a game plan. Joined an accounting course for a few months to gain some basic knowledge around accounting, and got a flexible job that would allow me to work on a side project.

A friend of my mums came around one day and had this rudimentary drink bottle for dogs, which looked cheap and nasty. It didn't function very well either nor was it stylish. It appeared that there wasn't any major brand or real innovation happening in this space. And was a real problem that a lot of dog owners can have, or might know they have. "How do you give your dog fresh water, on a hot summers day when you need it most?".

So it was a great niche to offer people the option of a higher-end bottle that would be much more functional and stylish.

I went to the drawing board, did some rough concepts on what I wanted it to look like and work — branding, Packaging, logistics, distribution, and so on. After a bunch of bad prototypes and test runs, we selected the top manufacture and had a product all good to go by November 2018.


I personally manage customer service myself from the start of the process to the finish which means when you get in touch with Thirsty Dog Bottle, you’re dealing directly with me.